Services - Spa Hotel Spartak, Sandanski

А highly qualified team of the spa and fitness center and Beauty Salon takes care of the guests of the hotel, for their tranquility, health and beauty. This is also the place where guests can enjoy many relaxing, rejuvenating and beautifying therapies and procedures with high quality products of leading brands from the spa industry, extremely gently touching all senses.

Тhe spa center of Hotel Spartak offers its clients a wide variety of massages, each with specific techniques and procedures.

At the request of the guests, different types of massages can be combined with products or appliances to achieve a healing effect and a pleasant feeling. The mineral water of Spa Hotel Spartak is hyperthermal water from 75 C from well 6-HG from caught natural spring keu 8 (permit number 003613/25. 04. 2005).

water is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Taking advantage of these parameters and applications of the mineral water, combined with the unique weather conditions in the town of Sandanski and under the care of a highly qualified team of spa therapists, the spa center of the hotel offers healing and prophylactic programs for arthroreumatic and respiratory diseases.

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